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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should I consider when looking for a time clock?
    • You will first probably want to determine how many employees you have. Some time clocks are only designed for use with up to 50 or 100 people maximum. You will also want to take into consideration how much your company may grow over the next few years. You will want to make sure your time clock does everything you need.
      I would also take into consideration what kind of software you use for your payroll. Various time clocks are capable of exporting data to different payroll programs. Some time clocks are unable to export data and will require some manual work.
      Also be aware that many time clocks automatically calculate overtime, leap years, holidays, military hours and more. The clock you choose will often depend on the convenience you want. Usually the more convenience you want, the more of an investment it will be.

  • Where should I put my time clock?
    • Location often depends on the type of time clock you will be using. Many time clocks make a little noise when the print the date/time. In cases like this, I would make sure the time clock is at least 20 to 30 feet away from people who are working in an office environment. This isnít due to safety reasons, but simply because the noise can be annoying to some people.
      Also remember that if many people will be using the time clock at once (8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. schedules), you will want room enough for everybody. You donít want people tripping over each other.

  • What are biometrics?
    • The term biometrics is usually applied to technology that uses biological features such as an eye, finger, hand, etc. Biometric time clocks use a finger or a hand to punch in and out of work. Because a fingerprint or hand is a unique feature to everybody, biometric time clocks are very secure and cut down on troublesome practices such as buddy punching (friends punching in and out for other employees not currently present).

  • Should I go electronic or analog?
    • Electronic time clocks use a computer to help keep track of time and process data. Analog time clocks use traditional dials, wheels and gears to keep track of time. They are both reliable units. Which you use depends on your preference. Electronic time clocks are more convenient, because they take time zone changes, leap years and other factors into account. Some electronic time clocks can even export data to computers, where analog time clocks cannot.

  • Can time clocks be tampered with?
    • Most time clocks are locked and cannot be opened without a key. This prevents time manipulation. Some higher-end electronic time clocks have other built-in features to prevent tampering. Even time clock software has features programmed into it that prevents employees from manipulating time. The biggest complaint with traditional time cards is what is commonly referred to as buddy punching (employees punching in for workers that are not present).

  • Can time/date/number stamps be customized?
    • Many of our stamps can be customized. We understand that many businesses have custom projects and needs. If you need a custom feature built into an electronic stamp, call (1-800-543-5454) or e-mail ( a sales associate. They will be able to let you know exactly what you can and cannot do. They will also be able to give you pricing on custom stamps.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.
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