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Acroprint Model ETC Time Stamp

Acroprint Model ETC Time Stamp w/ Digital Display

The Acroprint Model ETC time stamp with digital display is a cost effective way to print the year, month, date and time on important documents. The ETC has a sensor that can detect paper and stamp documents as needed. This allows for one-handed operation. Stamp wheels provide a sharp and clear print that is easy to read. The case for the ETC is rust and corrosion resistant, made in the USA. A digital clock display lets you know the time. Optional engraved plates allow for specific information to print on forms. Some examples would be: company name, department name, received or filed to be fixed in place for your business requirements. Please see our Custom Plate Form for details. Order your Acroprint Model ETC time stamp today!

This item is custom order and non-returnable.

Model Sale Price Items Add to Cart
Acroprint Model ETC $540.00
Please e-mail us for the price and/or the availability of any models.

Acroprint Model ETC : Retail value $695.00


  • Digital Time Display.
  • Accepts items up to 1/4" thick.
  • Electronically controlled printing provides clean, instant registrations.
  • Automatic ribbon feed and reverse assure long ribbon life. Ribbon replacements are easy to accomplish.
  • Precision-made metal typewheels provide years of smooth operation.
  • Heavy-duty synchronous motor insures accuracy.
  • Simple-to-adjust printing pressure control lets you penetrate copies with ease.
  • Rust and corrosion resistant body holds up to harsh environments.
  • Sturdy cylinder lock prevents unauthorized tampering.
  • Rugged design withstands thousands of registrations per day.

  • Options & Accessories

  • Purple Replacement Ribbon
  • $91.00
    (Qty of 7)
  • Red Replacement Ribbon
  • $91.00
    (Qty of 7)
  • Blue Replacement Ribbon
  • $91.00
    (Qty of 7)
  • Black Replacement Ribbon
  • $91.00
    (Qty of 7)
  • 1 Line Custom Die Plate*
  • $29.00
  • 2 Line Custom Die Plate*
  • $45.00
  • 3 Line Custom Die Plate*
  • $45.00
  • 4 Line Custom Die Plate*
  • $45.00


    Acroprint Model ETC Time Stamp w/ Digital Display
    Prints Year, month, date and AM/PM - Digital Time Display
    Shipping Weight 21 lbs.
    Product Code TIMEETC
    Warranty 90-day warranty, does not include consumable parts, labor, and shipping.

    *Multiple line custom die plates must be positioned entirely on ether the upper or lower plates (above or below the time/date stamp) and cannot be broken up. If you have questions concerning costume die plates please give us a call.
    Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.
    Toll Free: 1-800-543-5454 | E-mail:

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